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We're stoked to have you stay with us!

But here is the IMPORTANT info that you need to know!

Our NORMAL everyday-information for guests:
- Toilets, showers and laundry are located near the door to the hostel.
- Kitchen facilities are available for everyone: van-packers and dorm-guests.
- Check out is between 8am and 10am (no late departures, sorry)
- When checking out you must bring the sheets from your bed and place them in the white baskets found near reception.
- There is a strict noise curfew at 10pm and must be adhered to
- The front door to the hostel is currently locked at all times. There is a door-code and it is given to you upon check-in but it is also located in your room on the wall, please take note of it and take a photo to keep in your phone. Instructions on how the keypad works can be found on your wall and on the front door also.
- Wi-Fi is Bells Beach Backpackers Free Wi-Fi. Login is via your Facebook, Instagram, email. So, NO password
- Closed areas: Kitchen - Closed at 10pm overnight (for noise) and 10am (for cleaning Approx.1 hour). Bathroom 11am (for cleaning approx. 1 hour) and Laundry closed between 9.30am-2pm & 10pm-Sunrise.

- Food held at the hostel must be labelled in a bag with full guest name and check-out date - markers and masking tape on the reception counter,

Hostel Rules:

1. Do not feed our dogs or let them out.

2. No noise after 10pm or guests may be asked to leave

3. Clean up after yourself, dishes washed and put away etc.

4. Respect all cleaning procedures and stay out of areas at the times of cleaning listed above.

5. No drinking at the hostel after 10pm.
6. Be kind, courteous and considerate of all other guests.
7. Food in fridge must be in a labelled as above or will likely be thrown out.

COVID info:
- No more than 3 people can be in the bathrooms at any one time.
- Distance is still encouraged.
- If guest(s) become unwell they must notify reception and leave immediately.
- Guests must sanitise hands whenever entering/leaving the building.
​- If meeting with local friends/non-guests, please catch up with them outside the hostel on the decking area.

If you feel unwell before arriving at the hostel please stay away and cancel your booking - you will not be penalised for this.

If guests are found to not be adhering to the rules set out by the business, they may be asked to leave with no refund given.

HANDY HINT: Screenshot the info above to refer back to!

Please enjoy your stay with us!

Many thanks, 

the Bells Beach Backpackers Crew.

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Bells Beach Backpackers | Where your journey of the Great Ocean Road begins

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