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What is there to do in Torquay?
There is plenty to do in our beloved town of Torquay – surf beaches, pubs, restaurants, shopping areas, nature walks, parks, entertainment areas, sports facilities, breweries and pop-up food trucks. The list could literally keep going! If you need a guide to Torquay, here's a great one from Visit Great Ocean Road - CLICK HERE.


How would you describe the atmosphere at BBB?
Our hostel is best described by guests as relaxed, comfortable, restful, clean and most of all FUN!

Why should I book direct?
Booking DIRECTLY with us is not just a personal approach to making a booking, but you are guaranteed the best prices. And, isn’t it a great feeling and peace of mind knowing there are no hidden fees?

Why should I choose to Vanpack?
Vanpacking is a great option for travelers traveling the Great Ocean Road on a road trip. It is a cheap option that allows for privacy and full access to our facilities. Did we mention it is a great way to meet and connect to fellow travelers also? Depending on the time of year you can book this great option from only $26 per night.

What if there are more than one of us in our van for Vanpacking? How much does this cost?
Totally fine! Bring as many friends as you can fit in your van – but each additional friend will cost $15 each.

What are the Summer check in and check out times?
As at November 1st until February 28th - Sunday to Thursday Check-in: 4.30pm-8.30pm with Check-out: 8am-10am, Friday & Saturday Check-in: 4.30pm-9.45pm with Check-out: 8am-10am.

Do I have to notify when I will be arriving?
Yes, you do need to let us know – SEND US AN EMAIL or contact us via our CONTACT FORM.

What do I need to stay at the hostel?
All you need is to bring your towel and toothbrush. All bedding is provided for you. If you happen to forget your towel we have these for hire at only $3 each.

What is your cancellation policy?
24 hours’ notice is required prior to reservation in order to receive a full refund and must be notified phone or email. If you’re unable to get through by phone you must email us or you will not be entitled to you a refund.

If I’d like to book through an external website, who can I use?
You can choose, HostelWorldHotels Combined. But don’t forget, these do cost more as these hosts take commissions on your bookings.

Do you accept group bookings?
Yes, we do take group bookings depending on what type of group it is for. Please CONTACT US to enquire further about this.

Do you have any discounts if I stay for multiple nights?
Yes, we do – if you decide to stay with us for 7 nights, just pay for 6 and we give you one free night!


Bells Beach Backpackers is located on the Surf Coast Highway in Torquay, but also note that the Highway is commonly known as Geelong Road.

Bells Beach Backpackers Front Building v

How do I get to the hostel?

From Melbourne/Geelong:

Train: from Southern Cross Train station to Marshall train station. Connection with Bus Service

Bus: McHarrys Bus service No 51 takes you straight down Surf Coast Highway to Torquay. Once in Torquay you need to exit the bus at Torquay 2 stop (Torquay Holiday Park). Once off the bus cross the road and walk down the road to the left and you will see Bells Beach backpackers (25m from stop)

Driving from Melbourne:

Follow signs to the Great Ocean road, once you exit the Motorway look for signs to Torquay.

Once entering Torquay pay attention to the right-hand side of the road. In order you will see McDonalds, Surf Shops (Quicksilver, Ripcurl). After that you will see the Torquay Holiday Park and co located Caltex service station. We are next door to the Holiday Park.

From Apollo Bay:

Bus Service: V/line service once again exit at Torquay 2 stop (Torquay Holiday Park).

Once off the bus and facing the roadside walk down the road to the right and you will see the hostel (25m from stop)

Drive: Drive along Great ocean Road until you reach the large roundabout , you then follow the signs to Geelong, as you climb up the rise you will come to the shops on the left-hand side then you have the church, and then we are located on the same side (left) just before the Caltex petrol station.


Driving from Apollo Bay:

Follow signs to Torquay. Once arriving at the Big Roundabout, you will see signs for Geelong. Climbing up the hill a group of shops will come into view on the right and just after a modern church.

The hostel is approx. 100m further up the road on the left-hand side.


Coming from Queenscliffe Ferry:

Follow signs to Torquay/Great Ocean Road.

Once entering Torquay pay attention to the right-hand side of the road. In order you will see McDonalds, Surf Shops (Quicksilver, Ripcurl). After that you will see the Torquay Holiday Park and co located Caltex service station. We are next door to the Holiday Park.


Are there laundry facilities?
Yes, we have a washing machine and dryer available, a laundry wash - $4 (30min) and dry $2 (30min) – generally speaking this is long enough for a normal load of washing. Laundry Powder is free. The Laundry available between 12pm-10pm.

Is there a kitchen?
Yes, our kitchen is fully equipped with everything you need – pots, pans, microwave, large cooktop, crockery, cutlery, fridges – you name it and we have it.

Are towels or hairdryers available?
Yes, towels are available for a small fee of $3, hairdryers are free!

Do you have luggage storage available?
Yes we do – we have a luggage room ready for you to keep your bags and it’s FREE!

Do you have surf-board storage?
Yes, we do have a surfboard storage area to keep your board safe when it is not with you. The key for the container is a $20 deposit. Your deposit will be returned once the key is given back .

Do you have surf-boards for hire?
You bet, we have some great boards available at just $25 for a FULL DAY hire!

When are the communal areas closed?

Closed areas: Kitchen - Closed at 10pm overnight (for noise) and 10am (for cleaning Approx.1 hour). Bathroom 11am (for cleaning approx. 1 hour) and Laundry closed between 9.30am-12pm & 10pm-Sunrise.

Can we drink alcohol in the hostel?
Yes, within reason, no ‘go hard or go home’ mentality is acceptable, you can drink with us up until 10pm, thereafter you can find many great venues to cater for all your drinking and dancing needs.

Is there a noise-curfew?
Yes indeed there is, and this is imposed by local council that our premises are quiet between 10pm and sunrise. And, we would really rather not be fined a few thousand dollars. So please be mindful of this and respect it and your fellow guests.

Do you have games available?
Yes we do and they are available from Reception.


How far are the closest beaches in Torquay?
Torquay Front Beach is approx. a 10 min walk and the Back Beach (surf beach) is a 15 min walk.

Where are the closest Supermarkets?

Coles: Look across the road for the Caltex service station. Bristol road is beside it. You need to walk down that road approx. 400m and you will find Coles on the right.

Woolworths: Look across the road for the Caltex service station. Bristol road is beside it. You need to walk down that road passing Coles on the right until reaching Pet stock on the left and Fischer street. You will find Woolworths on the left.


Where can I find the best coffee?
This town is full of excellent coffee spots but our favourites for a good coffee include – ‘Mikkro Coffee Roasters’ & ‘Sticks and Stones’ located close to the hostel OR down on the Esplanade you can check out ‘Pond Café’ or ‘Bomboras’!


What time does the Torquay Hotel close?
Generally 11pm except weekends they will close at 1am. But this is a guide, depending on particular events, they can close later.


Where can I hire a surfboard? Or a organise a surf lesson?
'Torquay Surf Academy' or 'Go Ride a Wave' are both excellent surf schools with boards available to hire. If you do however know how to surf you can rent a cheap board form us at only $25 for a full day.


Uh-oh, I lost my keys?
Hey, it happens but unfortunately you will have to pay a small fee of $30.

I love Bella! Tell me about her!
Bella is 5 years old as of March 5th, she is a Black Labrador and if you ask any of the staff, they will tell you that she is the real management here. Bella loves a cuddle and saying hi to guests so don’t be afraid to come give her some love!

(Oh and give her a follow at @Bella.bellsbeachbackpackers!)

Can't find your question? All good, CONTACT US and we will be happy to help out!

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